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Beaded Wire Hoop Earrings

I saw a bunch of these online a few months ago and decided to try and make some because I have many left over beads from various bracelet projects.  I also LOVE hoop earrings.  Plain hoops, silver or gold plated were my favorite accessory to wear and still would be if I didn't have a son who loves to pull jewelry off me.  Ow.

But I remember rocking hoops since I was in high school!  A teacher of mine asked me if it hurt to wear them because I had these real big ones (she said a bird could make a nest in there...HA HA Ms. Kepner).  Over the years I've had an obsession with hoops.  Thin, thick, rhinestone, plain, large, small.  My favorites are big thin hoops.

I scoured the internet once more and found a bunch of sites with instructions on how to make wire hoops.  I bought some wire and proceeded to make them.

I didn't have hoops on hand so I made that part also.  It's amazing what a tylenol pill bottle can be used for!  Anyway, I tried different sizes and loved the siz…