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Back on Track ~ Positive Vibes


I can't believe it's been awhile since I've been blogging.  I tried out Wordpress for awhile and liked it a lot but I couldn't keep up with blogging and my Etsy shop at the same time.  I was awful at maintaining my page.  Unfortunate, really.  But I was doing too much at one time.

So here I am, back again.  I figure I start this particular blog up again, since I already started with tutorials on here.  I want to get back into it.  But wow, so much has changed in my Etsy shop since I last posted here in 2014.

Back then I had just gotten into hand-stamping metal jewelry.  With 2 years under my belt focusing mainly on hand-stamping, I have really evolved in my skill.  It's taken a lot of trial and many errors.  Blood, sweat and tears!  Well maybe no blood, some sweat and very little tears.  *patting myself on the back* haha :-)

I've collected a bunch of new metal stamp fonts, experimented with different types of metal and have found some vendors I really lo…