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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 12th, which means is coming up really soon!

There are a few items in my FancifulWish store that will expire and I may not renew them again until the holiday shopping season which starts in November, so if you are looking for an affordable Mother's Day gift be sure to check out these item before they are gone.

Also I have the 30% off coupon code: LOVEMOM2013 that you can use at my store.  The coupon is good until May 13, 2013.

Here are some items that would make great Mother's Day gifts for the woman who loves to wear jewelry!

Mermaid Earrings:

The mermaid pieces are made of polymer clay by artisan PennyLane on  I love mermaids.  I paired them with rhinestone star connectors to make these really fun earrings.

Lotus Necklace:

Another lovely focal piece from PennyLane!  I added the chain and then altered the chain a bit by adding these small czech beads that were complimentary to the pendant.  I love this necklace.  The price has been r…

Mother's Day Sale

I'm always having a sale at my Etsy store FancifulWish because as a shopper, I love sales myself.  Who doesn't?  But more importantly, Mother's Day is coming up.

Now that I am a mother, I now understand how hard a mother's job is.  And it IS.

Use my coupon code LOVEMOM2013 at my store.  Use it in the area that says "Apply Coupon Code" before submitting your order.


Gemstone Meanings

Making jewelry has given me a new appreciation for gemstones.  I have only started to work with them just because I have the time to make some different things.  It's always phases with me and my creativity.  Things come and go, and recently it's about gemstones.

When I was a massage therapist, of course I looked into healing properties of different stones.  But I haven't really appreciated them until now.  I went to a jewelry show and bought some gemstone beads to make more stretch bracelets and these are the ones I bought.


I saw different colors of moonstone but really loved this strand of peach and grayish moonstones.  In some cultures moonstones are magical.  They are also used as dream stones and it's said it can bring good dreams at night.  It is also considered a fertility stone and women of some cultures sew it into their dresses.  Other characteristics of the stone includes: protection on land and sea, success in love and business, and it brings good…

Washi Tape

I love Washi tape!

I've only started using it in my FancifulWish packaging just recently because I found a cute store on the island that sells packaging, including Washi tape.  The store is called Celebrations.

What is washi tape?  Basically it's just decorative tape (genius!) and of course it originates from Japan, Japan invented the word "kawaii" which means cute and washi tape helps make everything kawaii.  Including packaging.

I bought a few different designs of washi tape from Celebrations and from Etsy as well.  I figure variety is a good thing.

I've only started to invest more into packaging my jewelry and I should have done it earlier (beginner's ignorance), but I figured small plastic bags were easily packaged in envelopes.

You can literally use them for anything and everything!  Use it to highlight things, wrap presents, create design on a gift box, many things!

The company from the photo Cute Tape seems to have some really cute de…


Great quote to meditate on...

Xoxo, Yolanda

Echoes of the Universe / Namaste / Tree of Life

Ever have a feeling like the universe is listening to you and things happen that reflect that?  And you stop for a moment and say hmmm...I was just thinking that or you had just been talking about it or reading about it...

First it was the dream catcher.  I saw the bracelets online and wanted to make one but didn't have time then a few weeks ago I saw that my nephew had a dream catcher hanging in his room, which used to be MY room growing up and I had my own dream catcher.  SO I finally made the dream catcher charms....

Then I was talking to my husband this weekend about making tree of life pendants because I saw them on Pinterest.  BUT I used to make wire trees, years ago, they looked like this...I remember teaching my co-workers to make them for a fundraising basket we were putting together.  I loved these trees.

But my husband is Jewish and said it was perfect I'd make tree of life pendants because there is a Jewish holiday Tu b'shevat (it was in January).  I had no ide…