Washi Tape

I love Washi tape!

I've only started using it in my FancifulWish packaging just recently because I found a cute store on the island that sells packaging, including Washi tape.  The store is called Celebrations.

What is washi tape?  Basically it's just decorative tape (genius!) and of course it originates from Japan, Japan invented the word "kawaii" which means cute and washi tape helps make everything kawaii.  Including packaging.

I bought a few different designs of washi tape from Celebrations and from Etsy as well.  I figure variety is a good thing.

I've only started to invest more into packaging my jewelry and I should have done it earlier (beginner's ignorance), but I figured small plastic bags were easily packaged in envelopes.

photo via www.cutetape.com

You can literally use them for anything and everything!  Use it to highlight things, wrap presents, create design on a gift box, seriously...so many things!

The company from the photo Cute Tape seems to have some really cute designs, so I think I may purchase more washi tape from them!  So excited!

How do you use your washi tape?

Xoxo, Yolanda


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