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Summer Reading

I love books.  😍

I've been an avid book reader since the 5th grade when my older cousin was letting me read her teenage Sweet Dreams book series.  Anyone remember those?  I LOVED those.  And Sweet Valley High?  Though I was more into the Sweet Dreams series I think because they were stand alone stories.  My cousin let my sister and I have the books and then when my cousin started reading Judith McNaught it was game over for me on young adult novels for a long while, we gifted the Sweet Dreams series down to our younger cousin who was a big reader also.  But I mean Judith McNaught is still hands down my favorite romance novelist and the other J's, Julie Garwood, and Jude Devereaux.  I started getting back into young adult when L.J. Smith came out with The Vampire Diaries in 1991 😛 .  I bought almost all her books (excluding Night World, because I wanted time to get into that and never did because I was obsessed with the other series haha) and reread them so much that the book…

Pineapple Love

I am an island girl, born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu.  And pineapple used to be big business here in Hawaii.  My immigrant family all worked for Dole Plantation back in the day- planting, growing and harvesting pineapple.  Back in the 1980's when I was a child, there used to be this huge pineapple water tower in Honolulu at the Dole Cannery.  They took that pineapple water tower down and the Dole Cannery building is now a movie theater!  My how times have changed.  But our love for pineapples here never ends.

Lately I've been seeing a quote everywhere about pineapples:

"Be like a pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside."

So this is me paying homage to a fun quote.  Let's all be Pineapples!  Or at least enjoy them.

Thanks for reading! XO, Yolanda