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Saying Bye to January

January is flying by folks and I feel like I am trying to keep!  Business has been good, thank you to my new customers.  Also, the coming of February means we will be getting the keys to our new home!  Praise the Lord!  We have been waiting since July for this momentous occasion and my hubby and I are on pins and needles.

An exciting part of it is that going into this new house, I get to create the work space I want!  That means many things to me: relief, expectations, someplace safe so my son won't get hurt by my work tools.  I can't wait!!  Moving will take place in the month of March so I will be going on vacation mode at my Etsy shop for a good few weeks.  But you understand right?

I made some new pieces yesterday which was nice, want to see?

My inspiration for the first one: an iPad Air commercial.  Yup, I was watching football on Sunday and I was mesmerized by the iPad Air commercial.  Which one?  The one that has the voice over from Dead Poet's Society (love this mov…

Happy New Year! 2014

Well we made it!

December was not so kind to me and my family, it was a month of illness (virus, stomach virus, colds).  I am looking forward to the new year because it means moving into our permanent home and settling in.  Then I can really focus on my jewelry business which I love so much.

Speaking about jewelry, I have decided that I love that I've dedicated myself to making strictly hand stamped metal jewelry.  It's easier on me (in my state of living in a temporary home) and I can focus on it without having too many supplies to sift through.

I'm building up my alphabet metal stamp set collection so that always adds more choices and variety for my customers.  I've even fixed my Etsy home page logo.  That's been bothering me a lot! LOL - here's how it looks:

I've also bought a new metal shape to work with:

This one is a metal rounded rectangle shape that I do love working with.  Will be using this shape more.

This one is nothing new, just bigger in si…