Saying Bye to January

January is flying by folks and I feel like I am trying to keep!  Business has been good, thank you to my new customers.  Also, the coming of February means we will be getting the keys to our new home!  Praise the Lord!  We have been waiting since July for this momentous occasion and my hubby and I are on pins and needles.

An exciting part of it is that going into this new house, I get to create the work space I want!  That means many things to me: relief, expectations, someplace safe so my son won't get hurt by my work tools.  I can't wait!!  Moving will take place in the month of March so I will be going on vacation mode at my Etsy shop for a good few weeks.  But you understand right?

I made some new pieces yesterday which was nice, want to see?

My inspiration for the first one: an iPad Air commercial.  Yup, I was watching football on Sunday and I was mesmerized by the iPad Air commercial.  Which one?  The one that has the voice over from Dead Poet's Society (love this movie), quoting parts of Walt Whitman's, "O Me! O Life!"  Ugh, I so love it.  So I was looking up quotes on Pinterest from Walk Whitman.  Here's one:

Get it at FancifulWish

My next inspiration was the ocean.  I live in a place of endless summer...yup, Hawaii.  Right now we are experiencing a cold front today...ugh yeah I sit here in 78 degree weather.  I'm not bragging I wish everyday from here through summer was 78 degrees!  Haha...but I love the first tag I made.  "Seas the Day"...a play on Carpe Diem "Seize the Day".  I added a starfish charm and a crystal.  This is perfect for the summer...or in Hawaii, every day.
Get it at FancifulWish

Mmm, this phrase was what started me on this beach theme.  I saw it on Pinterest, remembered I had shell charms I haven't used yet and wallah!  Here you go.  It so reminds me of the times I spend beach days with my baby.  I love watching him get buried in the sand or watch a small wave knock him down-he giggles uncontrollably.  Love, love, love.

Get it at FancifulWish

I sell a lot of Namaste jewelry.  It happened through chance when a customer requested it as a customized bracelet last year and it's one of my best sellers now.  The original one is a macrame bracelet.  But I've been meaning to make a silk wrap one also.  Here it is!

Get it at FancifulWish

Just to add to the yoga jewelry here is one that says Just Breathe...

Get it at FancifulWish

So if you see one you like, pick one up at my store, Fanciful Wish.  Or if you want something customized, be sure to let me know.

And since February is around the corner you know what that means!  Yup, Valentine's Day.  I will confess, I am not prepared for Valentine's Day this year, so I don't have the customizable stuff I will for sure be selling by next year.  But look around the store anyway and here's a coupon code for 20% off if you find anything you fancy.  The code is VDAY14.  Happy Shopping and thanks for reading!



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