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Hand Stamped Metal Jewelry

One of FancifulWish's best sellers (when I have the time to make them) are my hand stamped metal jewelry.  I like the act of pounding a metal stamp into a piece of metal.  Maybe it's stress relief?  I bought my first kit from Beaducation.  And yes I started off with a kit because I didn't know what went into metal stamped jewelry.  I would have taken a class from my local jewelry store but I was at home with a newborn with no babysitter, so learning on my own was the way to go.

Now I will warn you - making hand stamped jewelry is NOT cheap.  You can get away with using a hammer you have at home to pound your letters into your metal but the letters themselves are pricey.  I've only managed to collect 5 different types of letters, 3 of them the same font in different size with numbers included. The other a different font in lower and upper case sizes.  And then there are punctation stamps and design stamps....not cheap.

 Alphabet set stamps can run you from $30-$60.  Individual design stamps can run you $8-10.  Just to give you an idea.  And that's why I only have a few alphabet stamps.

So when I do my hand stamping I need some tools to make things easier.  A black sharpie is needed to color in the indentations you make with the letter stamps obviously.  But I have a light color sharpie on hand to mark my lines.  Other people use tape, but I like drawing my lines with sharpies for some strange reason.  Also light colored sharpies rub away easy when you polish your piece.

Another thing you will want to have is a magic eraser.  Yup, the Mr. Clean kind that you use to clean anything else.  This baby really polish aluminum metal (which I use because it's affordable)! I use it to polish my finish pieces before sending them off to my customers.

What's great about the magic eraser, if you own hand-stamped metal jewelry is that when the ink starts to fade, you can re-ink and polish the piece yourself.  Tada!  Magic indeed!

Here are some bracelets I made in the past and sold....haven't bought more of these aluminum bracelet blanks.  But I will...

 I love stamping quotes onto bracelet blanks!  What a great way to stay grounded and motivated.

Biblical phrases are very popular with my customers.  I guess we all need to be reminded we are not alone.

I really LOVE these metal tags with silk ribbons.  I'm crazy about the ribbons and wish I could buy one of every color, but I can't do that on my small budget!  But don't you love how they wrap around the wrist?  Very organic and bohemian.
Get it at FancifulWish

I make a lot of custom metal tags for my customers.  I've had people ask me to stamp different phrases.  They give it away as gifts or keep it for themselves.  There is something special about personalization and I can see why people buy hand stamped jewelry.

Another way I make the bracelets is with macrame.  Just another way to wear hand stamped jewelry!

Then once upon a time I bought the wrong sized dog tags...

But these sold well too!  So you just never know....

Anyway, I still do the bracelets when I have a request and they will be coming back during the holidays so stay tuned!

Xoxo, Yolanda


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