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Echoes of the Universe / Namaste / Tree of Life

Ever have a feeling like the universe is listening to you and things happen that reflect that?  And you stop for a moment and say hmmm...I was just thinking that or you had just been talking about it or reading about it...

First it was the dream catcher.  I saw the bracelets online and wanted to make one but didn't have time then a few weeks ago I saw that my nephew had a dream catcher hanging in his room, which used to be MY room growing up and I had my own dream catcher.  SO I finally made the dream catcher charms....

Then I was talking to my husband this weekend about making tree of life pendants because I saw them on Pinterest.  BUT I used to make wire trees, years ago, they looked like this...I remember teaching my co-workers to make them for a fundraising basket we were putting together.  I loved these trees.

But my husband is Jewish and said it was perfect I'd make tree of life pendants because there is a Jewish holiday Tu b'shevat (it was in January).  I had no idea what he was talking about since I'm not Jewish.  All I did was come across a picture on Pinterest and I remembered how I made and loved these wire trees.  I thought if I could make those big trees, how easy it would be to make a pendant?  

The thing is every thing just connected, the photo, my memory, my husband (who is my love), his religion, my love of trees...Life is all connected.  Or should I say LOVE is all connected.  So I made them and I love them and I'm going to make more.

And lastly, a month ago my body was so tight and achy and I knew what horrible posture I've had since having my baby.  I rolled out my yoga mat (not that I really do yoga).  I needed to stretch my chest muscles so I could really breathe.  I needed to lengthen my torso so the muscles that were pulled apart for my c-section could start being "okay" again.  I needed yoga.  I pulled out my ipad and used the yoga app I have and did really basic poses, because I am SO not flexible.  But it felt wonderful.  Then I got busy and stopped but then I started up again.

Well about two months ago I added charmed bracelets to my etsy store.  Hello Kitty, Hamsa, Buddha, Om, Four Leaf Clover.  Just this month I've had people starting to buy the Om charm.

I just got an order from a woman who wants to give them to her bridesmaids as a gift and she signed her message to me:

"Thank you, Namaste,"

:-)  That's awesome.  The universe is speaking to me for real and I'm listening.

Namaste <3

Xoxo, Yolanda


  1. The thing is every thing just connected, the photo, my memory, my husband (who is my love), his religion, my love of trees...Life is all connected.
    Perte de cheveux chez la femme


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