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Ribbons Galore

One of my favorite parts of my "job" is buying ribbons for my ribbon wrap bracelets.  There are only a few vendors on Etsy where I buy my ribbons from.  Their price is really affordable and the quality is superb.  I went all out this time and order a LOT of ribbons to last me a few months.  When I one day start making my own ribbons (I am in the process, it's been slow-going), I hope to one day make my ribbons as beautiful and wonderful as theirs.

It's been quite a process trying to find out how to make the ribbons.  I've never dyed anything (unless you count tie-dying in the 3rd grade), I don't work with fabric and I don't sew (okay-maybe I do but I'm a real amateur, like awful really).  Regardless, I did research online on how to dye silk ribbons, which silks to use for certain dyes and tried it out.  I even bought a Serger, I didn't even know they existed!  Haha...
And thank goodness for online classes!  I bought a class from Craftsy called Beg…

Chakra Necklaces

I got the idea to make Chakra necklaces because after using the swarovski crystals for my other necklaces I thought the colors were so pretty I wanted to use them for something other than birthstone crystals.

I was a massage therapist for almost 13 years before I went into doing jewelry and as a therapist you learn many ways of alternative healing.  It was one of the things I loved about the trade-you learned about different cultures, different ways of healing and different ways of looking at the body itself.  My last job as a massage therapist was at a spa that actually had a Chakra Massage.  I was trained how to do it but never had a chance to give one while I was there, but I did receive it, twice.  What I really enjoyed about the massage was the part where the therapist instructs you, quietly and peacefully, because you are pretty much zoned out by then, on certain affirmation words as she/he holds a palm over the chakra area.

I'm not very good at meditating-it takes practice…

Hand Stamped Initial Necklace

Last year I made some hand stamped sterling silver necklaces and I gave them to a few friends.  I didn't have many pieces on hand but I've ordered some pieces because I decided to start selling them at my shop.  It's been in the back of my mind and now that I've gotten more font stamps, I feel like I can offer more of a variety in my shop.

I have heart shaped pendants:

 And I have disc sequins:

I wore my E pendant around today, it's my son's initial and birthstone month, August.  It's light weight and I barely knew it was on me until my son made a grab for it!

Everything on the necklace is sterling silver except the silver plating around the round crystal and the wire for the bicone crystal drop.  The birthstone crystals are all swarovski and they really add a pop to the pendant.  It's so cute.  I want to buy more crystal colors other than what I have for the birthstones because why not?  The crystals are gorgeous!  I really love these!  They make grea…

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!  I just got done filling plastic eggs with treats for a little easter egg hunt at my house tomorrow for my son and my 2 nephews.  It should be fun, though I feel like I don't have enough eggs (how many eggs do 3 boys needs anyway?!).

May is coming which means, Mother's Day, Graduation and summer break for some lucky kids.  Are we really near summer already?  And does that mean I have to start planning my child's 2nd birthday party right now?  Wow...where does the time go?

Speaking of time, I finally found some - and I made some new pieces for my store.  I also relisted some oldies but goodies that was hiding in my jewelry stash.  I threw them all into a container when the move happened, so I found them once again!  I've majorly discounted the prices on them so please, check it out!  Most of them are bead bracelets.  Here are a few that you can get at my store:

I was really into making stretch bracelets at one time and still have some unused bead…

Metal and Leather

I absolutely love making silk ribbon wrap bracelets.  I am obsessed about looking for different ribbon colors that I love and hope as well, that my customers will love (they do, they do!).  I started making them when someone asked me if I could make a bracelet with the word Namaste.  So I credit my yoga lovers for opening that door to me.

I've been dying to start up using leather for my metal pieces and I'm happy to say I finally made one.

And I can't say it was as easy as it looks to make.  I could buy precut leather bracelets with the snaps already attached but I found a vendor who makes these awesome tooled leather.  And they use different colors too...of course they sold some without the snaps (they sell a few with them, but I wanted to try my hand with putting the snaps, etc...) and I ordered a few test pieces.  I love them...

Check out the detail!  And the color!  This one is black and silver but I got some that are red and black, white and aqua, it's so ME.  I&#…

April Sale

What?  I haven't posted since January?!  Well folks, lots have been going on.  I moved, for hopefully the last time in my life.  The house is beautiful, the neighborhood is what we wanted and all we need to do is put the finishing touches and pack away some boxes.

I have been working on a few orders some custom and some not.  I did have a large order of ribbon wrap bracelets so that took some time to do.  Hard to do with an energetic 18 month old running circles around me, but it was done!  Yippee!

Here are some new bracelets I have up at the shop!

You can get all of these at Fanciful Wish Jewelry! Plus I have a 10% off coupon code for use at the store.  The code is EASTER2014.  Use it at check out!
I will be introducing leather bracelets with hand stamped metal VERY soon.  Just waiting for some supplies but in the meanwhile I am trying to practicing using rivets and attaching snaps.  But I'm very excited about this new item I'm adding.  I love the wrap bracelets, but I&#…

Saying Bye to January

January is flying by folks and I feel like I am trying to keep!  Business has been good, thank you to my new customers.  Also, the coming of February means we will be getting the keys to our new home!  Praise the Lord!  We have been waiting since July for this momentous occasion and my hubby and I are on pins and needles.

An exciting part of it is that going into this new house, I get to create the work space I want!  That means many things to me: relief, expectations, someplace safe so my son won't get hurt by my work tools.  I can't wait!!  Moving will take place in the month of March so I will be going on vacation mode at my Etsy shop for a good few weeks.  But you understand right?

I made some new pieces yesterday which was nice, want to see?

My inspiration for the first one: an iPad Air commercial.  Yup, I was watching football on Sunday and I was mesmerized by the iPad Air commercial.  Which one?  The one that has the voice over from Dead Poet's Society (love this mov…

Happy New Year! 2014

Well we made it!

December was not so kind to me and my family, it was a month of illness (virus, stomach virus, colds).  I am looking forward to the new year because it means moving into our permanent home and settling in.  Then I can really focus on my jewelry business which I love so much.

Speaking about jewelry, I have decided that I love that I've dedicated myself to making strictly hand stamped metal jewelry.  It's easier on me (in my state of living in a temporary home) and I can focus on it without having too many supplies to sift through.

I'm building up my alphabet metal stamp set collection so that always adds more choices and variety for my customers.  I've even fixed my Etsy home page logo.  That's been bothering me a lot! LOL - here's how it looks:

I've also bought a new metal shape to work with:

This one is a metal rounded rectangle shape that I do love working with.  Will be using this shape more.

This one is nothing new, just bigger in si…