April Sale

What?  I haven't posted since January?!  Well folks, lots have been going on.  I moved, for hopefully the last time in my life.  The house is beautiful, the neighborhood is what we wanted and all we need to do is put the finishing touches and pack away some boxes.

I have been working on a few orders some custom and some not.  I did have a large order of ribbon wrap bracelets so that took some time to do.  Hard to do with an energetic 18 month old running circles around me, but it was done!  Yippee!

Here are some new bracelets I have up at the shop!

You can get all of these at Fanciful Wish Jewelry! Plus I have a 10% off coupon code for use at the store.  The code is EASTER2014.  Use it at check out!

I will be introducing leather bracelets with hand stamped metal VERY soon.  Just waiting for some supplies but in the meanwhile I am trying to practicing using rivets and attaching snaps.  But I'm very excited about this new item I'm adding.  I love the wrap bracelets, but I'm more of a leather girl myself.  I can't wait to rock one on my arm.

New fonts for my stamps are always a challenge to come by.  Why?  Because they are expensive and the ones I really want, are REALLY expensive!  But I am building my collection up one at a time.  Talk about waiting for sales...they don't come by much when buying metal stamps.  

The one area I am a bit frustrated with is making necklaces.  I can make them, but I need all the pieces (chain, jump rings, pendants) and I need to decide on what I want to focus on making before I feature them on my store.  I wanted them to be up in time for Mother's Day but...I think I'm going to wait again.  Sorry for those who have been requesting them!

Another thing I've been making are briolette earrings.  They are more for myself and maybe gifts for friends and family but...I've debated on adding them to my store but I'm not sure yet.  The hand stamping business takes up much of my time.  So we shall see...I take my time deciding.  Ha!

Anyway that's the updates so far! Thanks for reading!

Xoxo, Yolanda


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