Metal and Leather

I absolutely love making silk ribbon wrap bracelets.  I am obsessed about looking for different ribbon colors that I love and hope as well, that my customers will love (they do, they do!).  I started making them when someone asked me if I could make a bracelet with the word Namaste.  So I credit my yoga lovers for opening that door to me.

I've been dying to start up using leather for my metal pieces and I'm happy to say I finally made one.

Get it at FancifulWish

And I can't say it was as easy as it looks to make.  I could buy precut leather bracelets with the snaps already attached but I found a vendor who makes these awesome tooled leather.  And they use different colors too...of course they sold some without the snaps (they sell a few with them, but I wanted to try my hand with putting the snaps, etc...) and I ordered a few test pieces.  I love them...

Check out the detail!  And the color!  This one is black and silver but I got some that are red and black, white and aqua, it's so ME.  I'm more metal and leather than ribbons.  Does that make sense?  I wish I was more like ribbons: soft, flowing, versatile.  Leather is harder, it doesn't flow, it's edgier...yeah that describes me.  Though I aspire to be more soft...I really do! lol hence why I love making ribbon bracelets.

Another reason I bought this leather is that they gave me options in sizing, hallelujah!   So I love this company and just bought more leather.

Now learning to put in the snaps made me mess up 2 bracelets.  When learning something new you are bound to make mistakes.  I've made plenty just learning how to stamp metal.  I still make plenty mistakes when I do orders.  I just have to take a breath and shake it perfectionism can sometimes get the best of me.  It's why I love metal stamping, your mistakes are quite obvious and you can't erase a stamp made in metal.  You just have to start again and get better.  Sure you waste a lot of pieces, so if you don't want to waste money, you HAVE to get better.

Anyway putting in snaps, sucked!  No, correction...putting in Segma Snaps sucked.  Then I found some videos with pros showing how to put on snaps (thank you guys/girls!).  I purchased Line-20 snaps instead which tada! -is so much easier to set, as everyone says in their videos.  Mistakes I tell you.  But finally I got it!  My snaps work and I can only get better.  Setting rivets were much easier, so at least attaching the metal to the leather wasn't hard.

oh snap!
 I will be posting more photos soon of my new leather bracelets.  Thanks for reading!



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