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Black Friday SALE

Ahhh the shopping season is upon us!  How do you feel about stores being open on Thanksgiving Day?  I don't know.  I feel like everyone should get Thanksgiving Day off but I know there are those who don't celebrate the holiday who would rather be out shopping.  Or those who have Thanksgiving Lunch and have the rest of the day free.  I'm bummed for the people who have to work on Thanksgiving that wish they didn't, but it seems like it's going the way of stores opening on Turkey Day.  Me, I'm always cooking on Thanksgiving Day so I will be home, in the kitchen!

I am starting my black friday SALE at my store on Thanksgiving Day.  There is a 25% coupon code you can use.  The coupon code is TURKEY2013.  Fitting isn't it?  I like to pride myself on selling affordable items, so if you like jewelry, check it out.  They make great gifts!

I was also asked to sell some of my jewelry at a friend's craft fair so that'll be fun.  Now I just have to decide on what…

Just Words

Words have power.  It's one of the main ways we as people communicate.

I think that's why we gravitate towards books, poems, news, and music (song lyrics).  Besides being a way of sharing information with one another, it's also a way to express ourselves.  I love words.  So today I created some hand stamped jewelry for sale at my Etsy store Fanciful Wish.

Here's what I have:

"I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night." - Galileo

Mini dog tag necklaces, these are way smaller than the regular dog tag and oh so cute!!   fear not Follow Your Heart be brave There is more to come, stay tuned!
Thanks for reading, XOXO,

Hand Stamped Metal Cuff Rings

Hi All!

The shop is up and running but I've only posted my macrame bracelets.  I have not posted my hand-stamped jewelry just yet because I am awaiting a shipment of silk ribbons for my ribbon wrap stamped bracelets.

I also ordered a new font set for hand stamping jewelry so I'm excited for that to come in!

Since I've been experimenting with hand stamping metal jewelry and have been successful in selling bracelets and keepsake necklaces, I decided to try out rings.  I had been hesitant about them because I wasn't sure I loved the idea of a cuff ring (open back, not soldered).  But I've learned to try things out before judging them from a photo so I ordered some ring blanks and stamped away.

 I ordered 3 width sizes for the medium sized ring.  The medium covers fingers measuring 6-8 in size.      Because the backing of the ring is open like this: is easier to adjust the ring!  On good days when I'm not so bloated, I can close the gap of the ring...and on d…

Fanciful Wish Shop - Reopened!

Yes it is true!  I decided to reopen my ETSY store Fanciful Wish, on a small scale just for the holidays! 
I've been waiting for the right time to open my shop again.  And it felt right to reopen the store especially since I have been creating christmas gifts for friends and family.  Then a loyal customer who has been waiting for me to reopen asked if I would be.  That gave me the much needed push in the right direction, that I needed.  So yes, I am officially open again.  

So I will keep my shop open until February 2014 when once more I will be moving to my permanent home, for good (God willing).  Then once I am settled in, we shall see how I can keep my shop open while caring for my son.  I hope I can do it because I really love making jewelry.  While living at my parents house at least at certain times of the day, I have someone to watch him for just a little while.  
I still have plans to broaden my knowledge in making jewelry, as soon as I can free up some time to take mo…