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The End of August

Wow - what a month.  I knew it would be busy because my in-laws were visiting us for 2 weeks and after they left it was my son's 5th birthday.  And in all of that, my 7 month old baby girl started crawling, eating baby food and now wants to stand!  So basically I've been busy and one tired mommy!

But having people visit from out of state means I got to relax...A LITTLE!

I'm lucky to live here, though I do admit sometimes I wish we'd have an actually Fall season.  I don't need winter 😂 I just want a reprieve from the sun and heat sometimes, and I love autumn and cooler weather.  Anyway the visit was fun and hectic and I think we are recovering from being on the go.

But the end of August also reminds me that soon the holiday rush will be here and my baby girl's 1st birthday, so the chaos it seems, never ends.

I added some new items in my Etsy shop.  Well not exactly new, some of these tags have been sample tags, some were sitting in a box and I kept telling mys…

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