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Love You Like A Sister

I wish I had more time to play with my new aluminum tags and fonts!  I did manage to make this new cute keychain/zipper pull for my shop.
Do you remember in middle school (yes I went to middle school in the early 90's haha) when you signed someone's yearbook or signed a written passed note in class with the acronym LYLAS?  "Love you like a sister" - it was the thing to do at our school.  Funny to think I can truly say this to a few of my girlfriends now after 20+ years of friendship.  Hey friendships based on snail mail and hand written notes should definitely stand the test of time right?  I think this is the perfect gift for a true sister-friend. 

Anyways I definitely loved making this one!  
And here's an update photo in reference to my last post about summer reading...😎

Went to the public library with my kiddos and I came away with all these goodies!  I was the first one to borrow these books, except for one of them.  It's like buying a new book, only I…

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