Fanciful Wish Shop - Reopened!

Yes it is true!  I decided to reopen my ETSY store Fanciful Wish, on a small scale just for the holidays! 

I've been waiting for the right time to open my shop again.  And it felt right to reopen the store especially since I have been creating christmas gifts for friends and family.  Then a loyal customer who has been waiting for me to reopen asked if I would be.  That gave me the much needed push in the right direction, that I needed.  So yes, I am officially open again.  


So I will keep my shop open until February 2014 when once more I will be moving to my permanent home, for good (God willing).  Then once I am settled in, we shall see how I can keep my shop open while caring for my son.  I hope I can do it because I really love making jewelry.  While living at my parents house at least at certain times of the day, I have someone to watch him for just a little while.  

I still have plans to broaden my knowledge in making jewelry, as soon as I can free up some time to take more classes.  For now, check out my shop Fanciful Wish for macrame bracelets and hand stamped jewelry.  I'm going to keep my selection small this time around since I don't have all the time I used to have.  

I will be revealing a coupon code for 25% off to use at my store on Black Friday.  So please stay tuned.

Thank you for your patience and ALWAYS thank you for reading!


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