Hand Stamped Metal Cuff Rings

Hi All!

The shop is up and running but I've only posted my macrame bracelets.  I have not posted my hand-stamped jewelry just yet because I am awaiting a shipment of silk ribbons for my ribbon wrap stamped bracelets.

I also ordered a new font set for hand stamping jewelry so I'm excited for that to come in!

Since I've been experimenting with hand stamping metal jewelry and have been successful in selling bracelets and keepsake necklaces, I decided to try out rings.  I had been hesitant about them because I wasn't sure I loved the idea of a cuff ring (open back, not soldered).  But I've learned to try things out before judging them from a photo so I ordered some ring blanks and stamped away.

 I ordered 3 width sizes for the medium sized ring.  The medium covers fingers measuring 6-8 in size.      Because the backing of the ring is open like this:

...it is easier to adjust the ring!  On good days when I'm not so bloated, I can close the gap of the ring...and on days like TODAY when I've indulged all week in rich birthday dinner celebrations, well...that's another story!  Ha! :-)

Thank goodness for the adjustment feature.

Each ring width was nice to work with but I think my favorite is the thickest width, 1/2 inch, because I could add longer phrases to the ring.  All of them are great and I wear them out, one at a time, or two at a time, especially when my wedding ring can't fit.  Bad, I know.

I am ordering more ring sizes for Small and Large fingers and then I will offer them on my Etsy shop, Fanciful Wish  I won't carry many in stock since I have other stamped jewelry to sell as well so check them out once I post them.  Yes, I do custom orders in case you want something specific on the ring.  Just let me know!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!


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