Chakra Necklaces

I got the idea to make Chakra necklaces because after using the swarovski crystals for my other necklaces I thought the colors were so pretty I wanted to use them for something other than birthstone crystals.

I was a massage therapist for almost 13 years before I went into doing jewelry and as a therapist you learn many ways of alternative healing.  It was one of the things I loved about the trade-you learned about different cultures, different ways of healing and different ways of looking at the body itself.  My last job as a massage therapist was at a spa that actually had a Chakra Massage.  I was trained how to do it but never had a chance to give one while I was there, but I did receive it, twice.  What I really enjoyed about the massage was the part where the therapist instructs you, quietly and peacefully, because you are pretty much zoned out by then, on certain affirmation words as she/he holds a palm over the chakra area.

I'm not very good at meditating-it takes practice and I don't practice enough, but hearing the words, visualizing the color and knowing what the chakra centers were about really helped me focus on each area.

So the necklaces are a way to keep meditating on the affirmation throughout the day.  We all need positive reinforcement, daily and I think these are great ways to have that!

Root Chakra - Red - Grounded:
This chakra is about our survival, getting our basic needs met.  It is associated with fears, security, and safety.

Sacral Chakra-Orange-Pleasure:
This chakra is about our sexuality, creativity, desire and pleasures.

 Solar Plexus-Yellow-Personal Power
This chakra is associated with our willpower and ambition.

Heart Chakra-Green-Love:
This chakra deals with our relationships, love and acceptance.

Throat Chakra-Blue-Expression:
This chakra is all about our ability to express ourselves, communication, integrity and truth.

3rd Eye Chakra-Indigo-Intuition
This chakra is linked to our awareness, intuition and sense of purpose or direction in life.

Crown Chakra-Purple-Divine:
This chakra is about our connection to Spirit or to the divine.  Our connection to everything around us.

Even if you don't believe in chakras, the affirmations are great and can really be a tool for meditation or just some positive words to get you through the day!  I know I need a reminder every day :-)  I'm selling these at my shop for $10 each.

Thanks for reading!


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