Ribbons Galore

One of my favorite parts of my "job" is buying ribbons for my ribbon wrap bracelets.  There are only a few vendors on Etsy where I buy my ribbons from.  Their price is really affordable and the quality is superb.  I went all out this time and order a LOT of ribbons to last me a few months.  When I one day start making my own ribbons (I am in the process, it's been slow-going), I hope to one day make my ribbons as beautiful and wonderful as theirs.

It's been quite a process trying to find out how to make the ribbons.  I've never dyed anything (unless you count tie-dying in the 3rd grade), I don't work with fabric and I don't sew (okay-maybe I do but I'm a real amateur, like awful really).  Regardless, I did research online on how to dye silk ribbons, which silks to use for certain dyes and tried it out.  I even bought a Serger, I didn't even know they existed!  Haha...

And thank goodness for online classes!  I bought a class from Craftsy called Beginning Serging.  It's a great class for a true beginner like me.  I'm not finished with the class yet but I did practice stitches and was so happy when I found the exact stitch I needed for my ribbons.  Yay! 

I will post some of my own ribbons once I serge the edges.

Just a reminder, the last day to use the 25% off coupon code for my Etsy store is on May 31st, so be sure to check out my store!

Thanks for reading :-)


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