Closing Shop

I'm sad :-(  but I know this isn't the END.

Tonight I have closed my Etsy shop FancifulWish due to personal reasons (moving and my growing son).  But I feel a bit melancholy about it.

I didn't know how much I loved it until I had to make the decision to say enough is enough, I have no time.  Which is totally true.

I am very humbled to get messages from my customers saying they hope I come back.  I will!  I will!  (I hope...I REALLY hope I do).  I just can't predict the future.

This first year of my shop was such a big learning experience: customer service, my products, packaging, advertising, techniques, creating.  The fact that I even opened up a shop to begin with and stuck with it for a year surprises me.  In the whole year I was pregnant, gave birth and was raising a child.  It was easy when baby boy didn't crawl and walk, that's for sure!

But those days are over.

I do want to tweak some things here and there when I open back in 2014.  I want to concentrate on the items that were popular.  I also want to add some metalwork (but I do need more classes).  I have 6 months to tweak my plans so that I come back stronger and wiser.

I love my little shop on Etsy and I will miss it and miss my customers.  Thank you for loving my work and buying my things.  I am humbled and grateful for your support!



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