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Fanciful Wish One Year Anniversary / Hand Stamped Necklaces

Hi All!

Well in 19 days I will celebrate the 1 year anniversary of my store FancifulWish on Etsy!  That is very exciting since I didn't think I'd be in it this long (which isn't very long when you think about it) only because I had my baby and am raising that baby at home so it's been a challenge but still a joy to get my orders out on time.

Thank you to all my customers around the world that took a chance on ordering my jewelry.  I really appreciate and am humbled to know that there are people out there wearing something I made.  I can't really describe in words how that makes me feel, but I am quite honored.

For the next phase of my jewelry business I am going to simplify the products I make so that I'm not wasting time experimenting too much (with a growing child, it's been a bit difficult to do).

I am also taking a class next week on soldering.  FINALLY.  I've been wanting to do it since my son was born but haven't been able to attend classes.  I found a place that offers private classes for what I think is a reasonable price.  I also chose to do this because I have been getting more request for sophisticated metal pieces that involve soldering.  I'm really excited to take a class since so far I've been learning on my own, online.  The project I've chosen to make in the class is a ring, since I haven't made rings yet.  So please stay tuned!

And since it is a one year anniversary celebration, here is a coupon code to use at my Etsy store.

Coupon Code: FIRSTYEAR

It is for 20% off the total purchase (excluding shipping costs), so please shop away.  The code is good for a month, so use it!


In other news, I've been playing around with hand stamped necklaces, which are very popular on Etsy and elsewhere.  I tried my hand at it because I've gotten a request asking if I could make them.  I knew I could make them, I just wasn't sure I wanted to invest money in buying new materials to make them.  But I jumped at it and now have orders from some of my friends and family on Facebook.  I haven't listed it on my Etsy store just yet because I am still trying out different products from various vendors to see which quality I like the best to use for these necklaces.

A necklace I made for myself.  

The necklaces include swarovski birthstone crystals.  In the photo above I added a drop crystal for my son and two smaller bicone crystals for my husband's birthstone and mine.  I love to wear it BUT my son pulls on it when I carry him and he tries to eat it (sigh) so I haven't it worn it since he pulled it off my neck!  Arghh....

A sample of the washer style pendant, this has my nephews names and my son.

I am waiting to make some pendants in the rectangle style.  And then to see how it looks like when it is mixed altogether.

I don't feel like I'm at my best YET when it comes to hand stamping.  Some metals are softer than others, others are harder.  And lying them up straight is always tricky.  I use straight tape, sometimes I free hand it, sometimes I mark it.  I've seen one site suggesting to use post-its and I'll try that next!

And because I don't like the original clasp for ball chains, I had to order parts to make lobster clasps for the ball chains I have.  I think my customers would appreciate that more!

Thank for reading!


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