Vacation Mode on Etsy

Well, I wouldn't necessarily consider it a "vacation" but yes I will be putting my shop in vacation mode starting June 29th.  Why?

Because just this past weekend, my hubby found a house he wants to buy which means we are putting up our house for sale immediately!  There are so many things involved in selling a home: cleaning up the clutter to stage the house for photos, then keeping it that way supposedly until the open house.  Mind you we have 2 dogs and a 10 month old baby boy who just learned to walk.  Every time I try to clean up the clutter, it looks like the clutter is back the next day!  I pray we get through this phase of selling our house quickly.

Once we sell our home, our new home won't be ready until February 2014 which means we have to crash at my parents house for a good couple I may have to close my shop for those months.  We shall see! I'm a bit stressed out with everything BUT it's all for the better, bigger future for my family :-)

On a happier note, the photo below is what I made in my soldering class a few weeks ago!  It was so much fun making this ring and I really love it.  It is a twisted sterling silver band with a sterling silver heart.  Cute no?

Hopefully when we are in our new house next year I will have more space for a workshop studio!  Now THAT is really exciting...let's see if I can make it happen.  If I don't post for awhile because of the selling and moving, please stay tuned because I WILL be back!



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