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It's almost the end of October and I am patiently waiting for the moment we get to move into our new home so I can feel "settled" again.  I got about 4 months to go! Ha!

Part of this feeling of being unsettled is that I thought I brought all my jewelry tools/supplies to our temporary home but of course in the chaos of moving and packing, I guess my hubby put a box in storage that I am so not willing to look for or retrieve.  So I am parted from my stuff but oh well, it's just stuff and I can wait.

While I wait, I have been itching to make things, daily!  But my son is a toddler which means the only times I can work on anything (blog posts or jewelry) is when he takes his nap or naps.  He is down to 1-2 naps a day.  An hour isn't much time to get many things done, so it takes me a few days to make anything now.

On a day he was fussing and being a terror to his older cousins, I got the bright idea to take him to the craft store so I can see what I could buy to make some jewelry.  I decided to attempt making wire words.  I will admit, I've tried it before and didn't like trying to spell anything with wire.  I don't like the bending.  Anyway, I bought some 16 gauge copper wire in silver, black and gold.  Of course I should have bought something thinner to work with like 18g or 20g...but of course I was clueless.

I scoured my Pinterest DIY Jewelry board and found something I had pinned earlier this week.  This tutorial is by Silvia Chelazzi who has a cool blog called Born in 82.  I love that she also is an Etsy seller!  Gotta love Etsy!

I found a pack of suede lace in the supplies I had brought with me YAY!  I followed her tutorial but with the 16g wire, I had a tough time bending my wire into letters...bleh, I need more practice.  I don't know if I love the wire work but I will keep at it!  I do love how Silvia added that suede lace.  Here's how mine came out.

Can't wait to wear it out!  But like I said, I need more practice, so practice I will and hopefully I will eventually LOVE making wire word jewelry.

Thanks for reading!
Xoxo, Yolanda


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