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When you sell on Etsy, you also spend time scouring Etsy for really cool stuff.  I spend time looking for jewelry supplies.

My biggest seller is macrame bracelets because the whole "arm candy" or "arm party" thing is in, but have you noticed the other trend? Layering necklaces?

Before I was a massage therapist and a mother, I used to wear jewelry.  I loved rocking a bold watch, some bracelets, LOVE large hoop earrings and interesting necklaces.  Oh and I loved rings too!  Then the massage therapist job came along and I did that for almost 10 years and as a LMT you just have to nix the jewelry altogether because the oil and lotion gets everywhere.  No point in hurting your clients or messing up your jewelry!

Now I don't do massage anymore, but I have a baby and once again, jewelry is a no-no.  I'll do bracelets, but baby boy is at that stage of grabbing ferociously at anything and everything and putting it in his darling little mouth.  Big NO-NO.  I don't even dare wear the hoop earrings.

So even though I love making jewelry I am at the stage of hardly wearing of my own.  :-(  Very sad.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  Necklaces.  Acrylic pendants are light weight, colorful and so reminds me of the 80's when my cousins would come home from middle school showing us what they made in woodshop class.  I think at one point they made acrylic cut outs because in my memory I see a silver lightning bolt my cousin had.  Foggy memory but good memories.

When I found some cool acrylic jewelry makers on Etsy and I had to make necklaces.

get it at FancifulWish

Jewelry: Black Bow and Arrow (Hunger Games inspired) Arcylic Necklace
Fashion: ModCloth
Editing Apps: PhotoGene

I loved the black bow and arrow pendant and got it on Etsy.  I paired it with a black matte chain which worked out pretty well, I think!  And yes, according to the seller, it is Hunger Games inspired.

get it at FancifulWish
Jewelry: Black Brass Knuckles Acrylic Necklace & Blue Dope Acrylic Necklace
Editing Apps: PhotoGene, Diptic, Instagram

The brass knuckles has heart shaped holes, which you can't see in this photo.  By the way, I hate to be the one modeling my stuff because it's a pain to do a self-portrait with a 6 month old needing my attention.  Plus, my hubby isn't keen on taking photos, so thank goodness for the iPad reverse camera!  Haha! Ooo and thank goodness for photo edits, they make me look like I'm not tired at awesome.

The dope pendant has a thicker curb chain on it, which looked better than with a thin chain.  Don't you love how the "O" is a diamond?  LOVE.  Anyway, it came out pretty good!  I'm pleased with it for sure and hope you all like it too!

Xoxo, Yolanda


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