Beaded Bracelets / DIY

Beaded bracelets are really easy to make...

Supplies Needed:

* Scissors
* Stretch Cord (0.5mm is thin, 1mm is thick so choose accordingly)
* Beads
* Hypo Cement Glue or Clear Nail Polish

1. Measure out some stretch cord.  I usually drape the cord over my wrist and cut enough so that a few inches hang from the ends.  My wrist is 6.5 inches so about 12 inches of cord works for me.

2. String your beads and keep measuring around your wrist.  

3. When you are satisfied, take the two ends and tie a overhand knot, pull taut and then tie another knot, a surgeon's knot just to make it extra secure.  

photo source: Beading Times

4. Next, dab a little hypo cement glue or clear nail polish on the knot.  If the holes in the beads are large enough you can hide the knot inside one of them.

And there you have a beaded bracelet!

I like to add charms on mine so to add a charm have some jump rings on hand and maybe some pliers to open and close the rings.

The last beaded bracelets I made for my Etsy store included horn charms.  I saw them at a bead store and thought "cool!".  Very tribal.

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For this bracelet I saw these wooden beads that weren't quite brown, they have almost a grayish tinge to them and I thought they looked interesting.  The horn on this one is a dark wood as well.  My hubby (who actually has some good insights when I ask for his opinion) said it needed something....haha, so I said, let's add charms!  Thought this skull one made it look pretty tough.

Get it at FancifulWish

I love this red horn, it's sinister looking but in a good way.  Plus I love red.  I added reddish/brown jasper beads and two prehnite beads.  By the way, I love gemstone beads, they can get pricey though, but I really do love working with them.  To me, it's the weight of them and the coolness of them on the skin.  Anyway, I added a hamsa charm.

Hamsa is a sign of protection, from the evil eye.  Which is always a good thing right? :-)

Get it at FancifulWish

Speaking of gemstones I hadn't heard of Prehnite until I bought these stones.  For some reason I thought I was buying Jade.  But when doing some Google searches about the stone, I thought it was fitting that I was drawn to it.  It is said to link your heart to your will, it is protective during meditation and it heals the healer.  Well I used to be a massage therapist and I liked to keep some stones on me (whether they worked in cleansing or not) I just liked the idea.  I should have bought some Prehnite back then to help heal me while I was healing others! 

I hope you create some cool beaded bracelets of yourself.  Happy beading!

Thanks for reading!
Xoxo, Yolanda


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