Another blog?  Well...it's a learning experience with each one I make.  But this one FINALLY is niche-specific.  Yay, I finally found a niche.  It's a relief!

So for about 8 months now I have had an Etsy store called FancifulWish.  I wanted it to be named Fanciful Wishes after the blog I created before this one, but the name was taken.  Which put me in an awkward position because I had created a Facebook Page also called Fanciful Wishes Jewelry (before I created the Etsy store).

And that's why I have this new blog, only for the purpose of talking about my jewelry and crafting adventures and even my inspirations.  I'll try to even post some DIY crafts, if I can find the time.  Time?  Yes time, something I am short of because I am a mom of a growing 6 month old boy. :-)

Hope you look around and see things you like!

Xoxo - Yolanda


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